Legal opinions

Our founding partner Gustavo Tepedino, as well as the other professors in the firm, have gained wide experience in the drafting opinions in the context of negotiations, judicial and arbitration proceedings, nationally and internationally, with consolidated performance as expert witnesses. Both the individually signed legal opinions as well as those prepared by the firm have been a reference as relevant argumentative support for observing compliance rules, for conflict prevention, and for strategic arbitration and judicial litigation.

Mediation and Arbitration

GTA has a consolidated performance in defending its clients in national and international mediation and arbitration proceedings. The law firm assists in drafting arbitral clauses; participates in the planning and execution of procedural and substantive strategies; provides legal advice, by issuing technical opinions and providing testimonies as expert witness. Our partner Gustavo Tepedino, as well as the other professors in the firm, have wide experience as mediator and arbitrator in national and international disputes.

Strategic Litigation

GTA has a wide experience in strategic litigation, especially in civil and business areas.

Its activities include defending clients before judicial and administrative bodies in all spheres and instances.

GTA assists in planning and implementing procedural and substantive strategies; constantly assesses the possibility and convenience of consensual dispute resolution; constantly monitors and discusses the progress of each case and its effects on the client’s position.

Legal Consulting

GTA has extensive experience in consulting, especially in civil and business matters. It drafts legal opinions to its clients, signed by its members, and also provides legal support for strategic business decision making. The law firm analyses risks related to current or future dispute; participates in negotiations; prepares and revises agreements; structures transactions; develops and revises compliance programs; advises on changes to comply with the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD), as well as other legislative innovations; and also conducts in-company training. The integration between the consulting and the litigation areas provides security to the client on different fronts. It also allows for anticipating the prospects of a possible litigation, in order to avoid it or reduce its scope.

Among the practice areas of our firm, the following stand out:

  • Class actions
  • Legal consulting
  • Agribusiness
  • Arbitration
  • Compliance and personal data protection
  • E-contracts
  • Strategic civil and corporate litigation
  • Banking law and financial services
  • Real estate law
  • Preparation and restructuring of business and credit operations
  • Setting precedents in the courts
  • Corporate litigation
  • Financial and capital markets
  • Opinions
  • Credit recovery in and out of court
  • Conflict resolution and mediation